Winemaker Extraordinaire

NAVE 2009 Award Winner: Best Audio

Travel the world collecting recipes and supplies to turn your small, rural family winery, into a successful, international winemaking enterprise. When Maria Bellaventura finds out that she has inherited an Italian winery, she must leave her stress-filled life as a corporate lawyer to take over the family business.

It turns out that winemaking is all about fun and games! In Winemaker Extraordinaire, three mini-games help increase efficiency and quality of your winery production.

When not overseeing the winery, Maria gets to travel to some of the most picturesque locations around the globe, collecting new recipes and exotic grapes seeds to turn her small, family winery, into a successful, international winemaking enterprise.

Her deceased grandfather was a Leader of a very prestigious World Guild of Extraordinary Winemakers. His lifetime goal was to unite all 15 members of the Guild and befriend them again. This is why he tore the recipe of the Vino Ultimae and distributed the pieces amongst the members, so that one day they can put their differences aside and make perfect wine together.

Help Maria fulfill her grandfather’s dream, reunite the Guild, restore the lost recipe and create the Vino Ultimae, the greatest wine the world has ever seen!


  • Fifteen picturesque locations around the world!
  • Beautifully crafted artwork and musical score!
  • Twenty unique wine blends!
  • Three exciting mini-games!
  • Two game-play modes!
  • Colorful cast of characters!